Booking Etiquette

You have probably noticed that every escort has their preferred way of doing things, and it can be hard sometimes to know how to make that initial contact. To help make things easier for you, I've put together some guidelines to help.  I find that this method works best for how I like to get from phone call to fun!

New Clients

For all new clients, I like to speak over the telephone a little prior to meeting.

I feel that this allows us a great opportunity to get a little better acquainted prior to meeting, and I have been told by many individuals that his helps greatly in breaking the ice, helps take away any edginess, and assists in ensuring that our initial time together will be what you desire.  If you are very shy, or have specific requests – please feel free to contact me via my email address to start our acquaintance there.  Please note that I respond to emails in the evening only, and as such, am not available to be booked on the same day that you email me.  I do not engage in text conversations, and will not respond to texts from those I have not yet met in person. Please understand.


Existing Clients

For all of you who I’ve already seen naked, I am more than happy to receive your text/email request.  However,  you can now book online! Please contact me to get the password necessary to access this service.xx


Due to time constraints, especially while on tour, text communications to me, (other than described in the above scenarios) become incredibly vexing - I simply cannot engage.  No exceptions, please understand.

Cancellation Policy/Running Late

Cancellations made within one hour of the booking time will be charged  the full rate (genuine exceptions will be made).  This also applies to  a no-show.If you are running no more than 15 minutes late,  please just text me to let me know.  I have organized my schedule to accommodate for the sometimes inevitable delays.  Longer delays will usually have to be re-scheduled.