A little bit about me............

I was born in Canada, but I’ve made New Zealand my home since 1999.


My interests are eclectic and seem to grow with every day.  From playing the Violin and Cello, to Burlesque Dancing.  I've even done a few hours in control of a R22 Chopper.  My next adventure is to learn to ride - something about those Triumphs that is just sexy as shit!


I love laughing, so stand-up comedy is something I enjoy...try to keep my hips from moving when there's great music... I love great food, the odd good drop, and the challenges of sailing.  I am also SapioSexual, so engage me in deep philosophical talks anytime if you want to get my juices flowing!  I'm very passionate about Human Rights, and this is where you will see the little "Jack Russell" in me show her colours.

I find humor in most things and as such,  I have been accused of being weird! ha.  My mom always said you had to be “a little crazy to keep from going insane”  -and I strive to do my best


I love people, and I wear my heart on my sleeve, there's no point in me trying to deny that.  I am an Empath and I pick up on peoples energies whether I want to or not.  As such,  I do choose whom I see carefully .. this is the reason why we do need to speak over the phone prior to any encounter.  Call the little voice inside me my "Gate Keeper" -- all I know is it works!

I was brought up around Spirituality, so its really no surprise that I should find myself dripping in SEX!  

The way a person looks just after orgasm is one of the most beautiful things in the World to me! If even only fleeting, that state of bliss, peace and happiness is an essential part of living I feel.  Like water, air, sleep and food ...I believe that this bliss is so very, very vital to our health and well-being.  To me, this place of bliss is so individual and intimate that being in a safe place where you know you are valued, listened to and respected is essential.  I love being able to share in this experience and feel honored when I am invited in.  Please be assured that I hold discretion and confidentiality at the core of our relationship.