Sensual Massage

Slow and seductive,  let my touch gently take you away from all the stresses of the day and ease you towards bliss.  For the more adventurous, please ask about my dark sensual massage. This introduces various elements from the BDSM arena, such as restraint play, sensory deprivation, as well as touch and sensation elements.  Various elements are only introduced after discussing your fears, desires, expectations and boundaries, and consent has been reached.

Intimate Experience …exploring each other, our bodies, our desires, our secrets.  This is the most fun we can have with just our bodies***.  Kissing, cuddling, intimate touch, mutual oral and multi-orgasm – lets ride the waves of pleasure.
 *** please note, if toys or "something else" is what you are looking for, please  see "Shelbys Temptations"

Sexual Confidence

For the timid or inexperienced lover(s), this is for you!  Our time together will be about exploring what is holding you back from letting go in the boudoir.  For some, touch and communication with a new or even existing partner may be awkward or non-existent. For some, exploring your sexual world might be completely new.  This session is very much tailored to the individual (or couple).  As such, I invite you to email me first on so that we can further explore what you are looking for. This can also be offered to couples as a way forward towards better communication in the bedroom. This offering is really more of a journey and starts fully clothed. Initial consultation can be by telephone

Orgasm Control/Edging
You might be feeling frustrated that you climax “too quickly”, or perhaps you are wanting to ride the wave of multiple orgasms. Email on or phone me to discuss further. 


Mistress Shelbys Temptations
Explore your edges, reacquaint yourself with yourself and your body. Dark sensual massage venturing into BDSM, role play, fantasy role play, fetish and kink exploration is a way to rediscover yourself in your body. Reawaken your sensuality in a safe and consensual space.  I am very experienced here and am always learning something new to entice and titillate you!


For Women Only - Sensual Massage Tailored Especially for You!

Explore your sexual self-awareness in a safe, discrete and supporting environment. Allow yourself to safely explore your capacity for pleasure and sexual expression.  For some women, the road to sexual pleasure and intimacy has been fraught with obstacles.  Long held societal, cultural and religious belief systems have made sexual pleasure and desires taboo,  Lets change that!