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To scape or not to (man) scape

According to a recent study out of the U.S., 50.5% of men are regularly grooming their public area.

Makes sense I guess right? I mean, if your wanting someone to play in your playground, trimming the bushes is a good idea. Not to mention just how good the smooth skin feels. Add some fabric sensation, and your day just gets a whole lot better!

I’ve seen some amazingly smooth and flawless shaving feats, but I’ve also seen many a display of what can go wrong. The irritable look of a bad shave those ugly red bumps and infected ingrown hairs. Not pretty or pleasant I would imagine.

Ingrown hairs are not just unsightly and frustratingly itchy, they can cause some not so nice infections --- transporting bacteria from your groin area, into your blood stream --- not good. Apparently, (also according to a US Study out of San Francisco), manscaping related incidents are a very common reason why gentlemen end up in the Emergency Department. I suppose that’s better than having to explain how the dogs favorite chew toy got lodged in your derriere, but I digress.

I’ve waded through forests so thick it is definitely a case of “Where’s Willy?”.. and while I myself like to go au natural from time to time, with the forest comes the inevitable stray hairs. Oh, those strays, how they love to lodge themselves in the back of your throat – so much fun, sexy sultry women one minute, doing my imitation of a cat choking on a hair ball the next.

If you MUST shave – instead of waxing – here are some tips I’ve gathered from my research.

Do not use the same razor on your nether regions that you use on your face. Nasty bacteria and fungal infections LOVE to grow in that warm moist area between your legs, why risk spread that around?

If your hair is long, trim your hair with hair clippers to a length of about 2 millimeters BEFORE you shave. Not only does this make shaving easier, closer and safer, the gentle buzz of the clippers can be quite an enjoyable distraction …..

Don’t dry shave, but rather, shave after a hot shower, just like your face, but you already know this.

Shave the direction that the hair is growing, so if its going down, shave down.

Now, for your balls. Firstly I would like to congratulate you gentlemen who successfully pull this off. Bravo! The contortions you must get your self into to accomplish this task I can only imagine. Oh, to be a fly on the wall. As you already know, it helps to use your dominant hand to pull the skin nice and taught to avoid cutting yourself.

If you do end up nicking yourself down here, the experts recommend washing the area thoroughly with soap, warm water and alcohol --- yes—alcohol. Apply pressure on the area with a bit of damp toilet paper – if the bleeding doesn’t stop after 15 minutes – off to the doctors you go. It might seem like a little nick, and you might not want to bother with it, but the breeding ground of bacteria between your legs can very easily pass bacteria through tiny lacerations into your bloodstream – resulting in abscess, cellulitis (a bacterial infection of the skin and tissues beneath the skin) or even gangrene!!

Apply a post-shave moisturizer to calm the area down and make the initial itching less bothersome. Aloe Vera and Camphor based moisturizers have been recommended in the articles that I have read.​

Aftercare is so very important. Exfoliate gently with an exfoliating body sponge that is just for you to use, and only for you to use, and only in the groin area. This will help the skin from covering over new hair growth. Doing this very gently before you shower will help to remove any dead skin or skin trying to trap those little hairs in your body. Making this a daily part o f your shower routine will solve so many ingrown hair issues, a little thing, but very effective.

After your shower, apply a moisturizing exfoliant gel like “Skin Doctors Ingrow” or “Nads Ingrow Solution” to the area you have shaved.There are several other brands that are easily found at pharmacies, in beauty spas, or online.Trust me on this one.You can thank me later xx

Resist the urge to pick, dig, or otherwise try to remove anys ingrown hairs. While it may seem just too tempting not to try, (and I have read countless articles that describe how to remove ingrown hairs with tweezers etc,) I have also seen many an infected hair that is unsightly, risky, and can lead to bigger issues.

residence on that bod of yours.

OR – you can go for a wax job!

Is it my slightly sadistic nature or just the pure pleasure I get from ripping that strip of wax off of human flesh. Who knows.

Try it and you’ll see how the superior results are worth a little discomfort for some and just bliss for others! You know who you are.

There are varying views on this for men, so I would recommend you do your research. Various factors will make this easier for some men, less easy for others.

One last thing, the butt crack. Some of you will have heard of this, or maybe have had it or know someone who has had it.

An ingrown hair between your butt cheeks around the bottom of your tailbone. Otherwise know as Pilonidal Cyst. This is actually quite common, especially if you sit on your butt a lot, like truck drivers, office workers etc. Plumbers – I think you crack is safe!

This can led to very serious consequences, so its important to remember to pay attention to this area.

So not the uplifting article I was hoping for, but important. I would love, love, love to learn how to wax professionally so I can offer this, but in the meantime, I am available to manscape your nether regions either as part of time spent together, or stand alone.

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