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...feeling cheeky

Luscious tongue

I am back on tour after having taken almost 7 weeks away, It wasn't a holiday, but it was definitely eventful!

I learned alot about myself, as well as got another royal serve up from The Universe. I guess that's what happens when you ask for the Universe to "bring it on".

The cheekiness is because I had almost NO SEX!!!! and for someone who has a lot, I was definitely feeling depleted of my usual positive energy. So cheeky -- (horny, randy, frisky, hot to trot, you get the picture!)

Another thing, my main advertising channel has decided they don't want my money anymore. After four years of being a dedicated client and having spent over $32,000 during that time, miffed is probably a better word than cheeky, but there it is.

So, I am launching my own Escort Directory in addition to revitalizing this personal site. I have been looking into the directory for a while now, since 2017 to be correct, sp most of the initial work has been done. It is now underway and I anticipate launching it mid April 2019. Lots of work, but loads of fun, and it will be unlike anything else that is on offer in the New Zealand Adult Industry.

Designed by a sex worker and recognizing that it IS the sex worker who is the client, your needs are first and foremost. I have been researching what it is that YOU NEED in a directory. From how your ad will look and feel to maximize your exposure in the marketplace.

As a business-owner myself, I understand that cost and benefit are paramount, so I am putting together a couple of packages that will knock your socks off!

In addition to the usual, I am including features that are industry firsts! You will love, love love what I have in store for you.

Watch this space and expect a phone call from myself or one of my team very soon! If you are a client reading this, please, I would love it if you would let your favorite escorts know that there is something exciting for them to be launched soon, and encourage them to contact me on for more information.

So the cheeky me is back and more playful than ever! They say that adversity can bring out the best in people, and to that I say "Fuckin eah!

Love to you all and hope to see you naked very, very soon!

Shelby xxxx