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North Island Tour

Hello Gentleman. As you an see, I couldn't stay away! I am currently doing a sort tour in the North Island, before returning South.

In Hamilton tonight, but then down to Rotorua for a day or two (depending) before heading to Napier for one or two days, and then down to Wellington for the beginning of next week.

From there, I will head return South for a couple of weeks.

To re-cap,

Hamilton August 29th

Rotorua - August 30th & maybe the 31st as well...( i will know by the end of tomorrow if I am staying two nights or one)

I am going to try to get over to Napier for a night or two, but I might have to postpone this. If you are in Napier and would like me to visit this time, please email me of phone me to let me know and I will make sure to get there.

I will definitely be in Wellington September 2nd and 3rd and will be based in the CBD. Please book early!

Then, I will be heading South on the 4th of September, one day in Queenstown on my way through before returning to the Deep South for a few days.

I am heading to Christchurch for a few days on the 7th of September and plan on staying for about 3 or 4 nights. I haven't been in Christchurch for quite a while and look forward to catching up with you men there.

Dunedin, I would love to visit you guys, its been a while since I was there and so am hoping to spend a couple of nights with you either before I go to Christchurch or after. Again, if you are interesting in meeting up, please email me on of give me a call. It really does help me with my scheduling.

See you all soon! In the meantime, be happy, smile heaps and think naughty thoughts!

Shelby xxx

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